How I feel today

Third day in a row that I feel like shit.  The heat is probably the culprit, even though I am inside in the A/C.  I am nauseous and crabby and all I want to do is sleep. 

I have been having nightmares the past few nights that wake me up all discombobulated, (I love that word).  There have been a rash of burglaries in our neighborhood and I dream I hear people walking around our house downstairs.  I try screaming to wake up Joe, and of course no sound comes out of my mouth.  Another night I dreamt I had the bad guys laying on the living room floor with a gun aimed at their pointy little heads.  Very uncharacteristic for me.

Joe is preparing for a two-week trip out west hiking and working.  He will be doing some community service at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico at the end of September.  He will be part of a crew working on the trails and doing general repairs and much-needed maintenance.  After he is finished with that he will be traveling to the Grand Canyon to take part in a backpacking tour with the company he works for part-time.  His dream is to retire from his “real” job and work full-time for REI.  He teaches programs in their outdoor education programs as an instructor for backpacking, outdoor cooking, GPS navigation, compass orientation and hiking.  He also works in the retail store helping customers with correct fitting of backpacks and how to correctly outfit yourself for different outdoor sports and activities.  He loves it as he is quite an “outdoorsy” kind of guy.  Completely opposite of me.  Give me a bed an air conditioner and room service thank you very much.

The Joe-Man somewhere out in the woods…this is what he calls fun.


How I feel Today

  • I put on makeup today, and I still look like shit
  • My hands are so achy, I don’t know why but they always hurt
  • It is going to be ridiculous hot again this week, I will be staying inside
  • My blood pressure is down today…130/80, still too high, but better than it was
  • The new medication is causing the high blood pressure, I don’t want to stop it
  • I cooked today and it was delicious!  Grilled chicken on a pita with Tzatziki sauce and grilled onions
  • All of my flowers are dead, burned up and crispy, I hear them screaming sometimes
  • I am addicted to a word game on my Kindle…I can’t stop
  • Go Cubs!
  • #1 son is working at the firehouse today, I hope they don’t get any fires…too hot to work outside
  • #2 son is training for a Trialtholon….don’t know how he does it, he rode 20 miles yesterday on his bike
  • As of today I have lost 19 lbs since March…slow but steady
  • I wish I could exercise….inside however
  • My “new” jeans are very baggy on me  (yay)

That’s my boring life today…how about you?