T.M.I. **Bathroom talk** **Not for the squemish**

In the bathroom for hours playing games on my Kindle

I refill the toilet paper more than once on its spindle.

Cramping and spasms gurgles and sputtering

My body making noises growling and muttering.

The Crohn’s monsters run amok through my body

Trapping me for hours and hours in the potty.

Lamaze breathing I’ve learned can help quite a bit

It’s been a long time and still here I sit.

Where it all comes from I don’t have a clue

Haven’t eaten enough to make all this poo.

There’s no rhyme or reason and sometimes no warning

It hurts, ruins my day and it’s really is boring.



Mo is blogging...I think

I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and I can hear Santa Claus in the distance getting nearer and nearer.  Today is the annual “Santa on the Firetruck Day” in town.  Oh, I can remember how Bill and Dan would wait for the small parade to get to our street, and as they got closer the sirens would get louder and louder.  Their excitement was contagious and I stood in the window with them waiting and waiting……until there he was!  On top of the firetruck with a few elves that were handing out candy canes to those who were lucky to get outside fast enough.  So, now I sit here on the couch by myself waiting for Santa to get to our street.  But my excitement and anticipation is not about seeing Santa on top of the firetruck.  Nope!  Those little boys are not standing near the street waiting for their candy canes…

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