So, now what? WARNING…..TMI…..toilet talk

poop9Had my endoscopy and colonoscopy on March 7 and everything went smooth.  I didn’t wake up during the test, which is always my greatest fear.  Doctor said he removed several polyps from large intestine, and one off my esophagus.  He got a few samples from my small intestine to test for active Crohn’s.  Everything came out good.  No cancer, no diverticulitis, no Crohn’s, no monsters and no aliens.  No infections either. So now what?  Of course he uttered the two things that us Poop people never want to hear……….IBS and spastic colon.  It was a relief that there was no indication of active Crohn’s Disease, but all of this is so frustrating.

We talked about the “poop attacks” and the problem with gas pains, spasms and toxic smelling gas.  No explanations.

The “clean out” went fairly well, but the thought of Gatorade at this point makes me gag.  I have not had any diarrhea or terrible pain since the tests, so maybe I pooped out the monsters that were causing my major problems. Hopefully.

Dr. Handsome wants to do a short-term  treatment with XIFAXIN in hopes that it will kill anything left inside.  I looked up the medication, and I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE IT!  The warnings listed for this drug made my head spin.  I haven’t decided what to do yet.

I’m still feeling the effects of the stress on my body from it all, thanks to my adrenals….the lazy bastards.  I have been quite exhausted and sleeping a lot and have even stress dosed (taken extra steroids), which seems to be keeping my head above water.

So, I am hoping I will just go back to my “normal miserable” with the G.I. problems, which I don’t think is asking too much.


Beautiful story. MyMother loved Cardinals, and when I see one I think of her.

Tim Steffen

“See the cardinal?” she asked.

“No,” he replied.

“Right there.” She pressed her finger against the kitchen bay window. “Underneath the evergreen tree, by the driveway.”

He saw it – a shock of red feathers against the white snow that had fallen the night before. Next to the red cardinal alighted a female. She was plump and grayish-brown in color with ginger-tinged wings. Her orange beak pecked at the sunflower seeds his mother had scattered there early that morning.

He sniffed at the scent of milk warming on the stovetop. His mother tended to the pot, scooped in spoonfuls of chocolate, and stirred. He watched the two birds as they deftly cracked open the shells and ate the seeds inside. A gust of wind blew a cloud of light snow across the yard in a cyclone swirl of white – the first snowfall of winter, only one week before Christmas…

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Everyone will love this……warning….have tissue available

tracy fulks


I remember the light of the refrigerator spilling out across my mother’s kitchen floor as I stood, overwhelmed and frozen, staring at the contents. The half-empty gallon of milk, the bag of limp and withered celery in the vegetable drawer, the carton of eggs. The unopened garlic and herb dip stared at me, as if I were finally going to deliver on the implied promise of company and crackers.

My chest was too tight, and it was almost impossible to breathe. I willed my hand into the cold air of the second shelf to remove the carton of eggs. Printed on the carton was September 02, 2001, in the same bruise-colored ink that we had on mimeograph copies they gave us in school in the 70’s.

My knees gave out, and I sobbed uncontrollably on the floor, head in my hands as the carton lie open beside me, its twelve…

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