Lately, I have been feeling rotten, sad, sickly, mad.

Appointment at endocrinologist revealed nothing new.

For those Addisonians that understand these numbers…..

Am cortisol=4.4 



All incredibly low…ACTH and DHEA hasn’t been this low in many years.  Only thing I can do is increase DHEA.  I have been taking 12.5 mg, so will up it to 25 daily for a short while, and then every other day 12.5 / 25 mg and see if I can get in the normal range again.  I’m taking 25 mg Cortef daily, can’t increase that.

I had a dental visit last week.  Fillings are falling out every month or so,  I have cracked three teeth…my mouth is a mess.  It is the steroids.  I shudder to think what is happening to my bones.  

Because I had such a terrible time this summer with the heat, my endo wants to try Florinef next summer.  Even though I am secondary and don’t take it and don’t need it, she thinks it might help me with the heat.  We shall see.

I had a “talk” with the endo when I saw her.  I explained to her that my outlook and expectations of my illness have completely changed. 

There is no cure or any of this, I am going to stop looking at her for a cure.  I know very few Addisonian’s’ that feel good all the time.  The few days I get that I can function are few and far between, so I will be thankful for those days, and just accept the bad days. 

Se looked at me and simply said that I might be better off thinking this way.  Wishing and hoping for a spontaneous cure is unrealistic. Short of a miracle, which could happen, I am stuck with this.

I am not giving up, I am just giving in. 



I love this song….it makes me wanna dance.