My First Surgery

In February of 1987 I was 34 years old and had a two month old baby at home.  As a new Mom I was sleep deprived and didn’t have a clue what to do with a newborn.  Luckily my Mom lived nearby and there were several good girlfriends that lived close that helped me out.  For several days I had been experiencing dull pain in my lower abdomen, which of course I ignored.  I hadn’t had a real period since I had the baby, so I assumed the ache was my body getting ready for a new cycle.  I woke up one morning  around four o’clock with severe pain that would come and go, just like labor pains.  Of course I didn’t wake up the Joe-Man for a few hours, hoping that the pain would just stop.  He woke up to an hysterical wife, a screaming baby, and the biggest ice storm in years.  The usual fifteen minute drive to the hospital took over an hour, we watched cars sliding off the roads into ditches as we made our way.  After lots of blood work and peeing in a cup, I was finally diagnosed with a twisted ovarian cyst.  I needed surgery right away, NOW, no kidding, no time to think about it….NOW.

Luckily, the rest of the day is a blur to me thanks to the wonderful drugs the nice nurses gave me.  In my drugged state, I was sure I could do this, no problem, I  was super-woman, I just had a baby, this won’t be bad at all.  WHOA….I was completely unprepared for the pain when I woke up.

They kept me in the hospital for nine days.  Every time I woke up, Joe was in the chair right next to my bad.  I knew another day had passed because he had on a different shirt from the last time I opened my eyes.

When I finally got home my little baby looked completely different.  Nine days away from him and I was sure he wouldn’t know me.

This was my first surgery and the beginning of my ups and downs with my health.  Soon, the hospital and the operating room became a familiar place for me.  I could think of a million other places I would rather frequent.

Coming soon:  Next chapter – Second Surgery

Do You Know?

Do you know I think about you everyday?

Do you know I wish you were still here?

Do you know how much I miss you?

Do you know that I hide all my tears?

Do you know it was supposed to be different?

Do we know that we loved you so much?

Do you know that I wish I could hold you?

Do you know that I wish we could touch?

Do you know that I’m getting older?

Do you know that we’ll meet someday?

Do you know the joy that we’ll feel then?

Do you know the words we will say?

Do you know what you would have looked like?

Do you have your Father’s blue eyes?

Do you have smile like your Brother?

Do you think you would be a tough Guy?

Do you know I wish I could hold you?

And sing “Angel Baby” to you?

Just like I did with your Brothers,

Do you know that they love you too?

Do you know? Do you Know?

Two young friends of mine just suffered the devastating heartbreak of miscarriage.  This post is for them, and for my babies Bridgette and T.J.

Warning….TMI….Bathroom related content..I didn’t make it in time…


Too many nights I’ve run to the can, but never made it in time

Is is Crohn’s? Diverticulitiits? A bug inside me?

Or my colon screaming it’s sick again?.

It woke me up out of a deep deep sleep

and I knew what was happening

I ran praying while holding my breath

Alas, I didn’t make it in time

Lots of cursing was uttered, but that doesn’t help

I cleaned up and went back to bed.

About two hours later I woke with a start

and tried to move very fast

But the dog was sleeping on top of my feet

And again, I didn’t make it in time.

Three nights later…… happened again

Though it wasn’t as bad as before

I went back to sleep with my fingers crossed

And slept like a baby till noon.

Then this week it happened again

Concerned, I was like….what’s going on?

The Hubby said I should call the doc, but I haven’t done it yet.

I’ll wait to see if it happens again, if it does then I’ll go to the doc

I know just what he’ll want to do, to see what’s going on

Drive a VW up my butt again and take a good luck around

The only good thing about having the test is my Handsome-ist doc

And I get good drugs…so I won’t care what’s happening while I’m knocked out.

I’ll keep everyone posted about my bathroom antics

It’s TMI you all want to you!