Yes, I Have a Cleaning Lady

Some people might think I am spoiled, or lazy, but I am neither.   I also use Peapod –  grocery delivery service every four to five weeks or so. 

There are times that I am unable to properly clean the house, and I need help. At the suggestion of a friend, I called a woman from town who comes with a crew of four cleaners and in an hour my house is clean and smelling nice.   They don’t do the bedrooms, they couldn’t get in either of my son’s rooms because of the crap on the floor, and I can certainly do mine.  Every third week they breeze in and breeze out, leaving my house spotless.  It is not expensive and the help is priceless.  It would take me days to do what they get done in an hour.

Grocery shopping  is ao a difficult job for me, and I can’t do it alone.  Getting so tired that I have to go sit on the cases of Pepsi is embarrassing.  My Hubby works two jobs and isn’t home until late on the days he works his second job.  Both of my sons get home in the evening after working 10 to 12 hours, and I always hate to ask them to go to the store that late.  So I use Peapod.  Order on-line, shop the sale and special items, pick your delivery time and….viola your groceries appear at your door the next day.  AND they do double coupons, which is a bonus.  Only bad thing is you still need to put it all away!  I don’t use them every week, just when there is no one around to shop for me.

Anyone who has health issues and finds it hard to go to the store, or hard to get on your hand and knees to wash your kitchen floors deserves help.  Find help where ever you can.




I’m down in the dumps, I’m blue, I’m in a funk. 

I’m lonely, I’m sad, I’m despondent.

I’m gloomy, I’m glum, I’m forlorned.

Now what?