My Brain is Fried


I keep saying that I am going to get back to my blogging.  I keep saying I am going to read all my emails everyday.  I keep saying I am going to get back to commenting on all my friend’s blogs.  I keep saying it…but I’m not doing anything.

There are friends I miss corresponding with.  There are sick friends that I am worried about.  I keep thinking about everyone…but I’m not doing anything.

So, I’ve decided to not even think about either of my blogs right now.  I will start up again when I have the motivation to do so.

Until then I will be reading my favorite blogs and commenting when wordpress lets me.  (I really need a new laptop)


Today – Saturday June 9, 2012

I have been sleeping better since I am back on Lunesta, but I still am pissed that I need to take it.

When I went to my Hippie Doctor yesterday, I asked him if he would be comfortable handling my Addison’s care.  He said he doesn’t feel confident enough to do it, DAMN, but at least he told me the truth.  It sure would be easier for me though.

Today, I am wishing I could wake up in the morning (as opposed to the afternoon) and feel rested.  My first few hours awake are zombie-like, and caffeine doesn’t help.




I feel like purging today……….basement….watch out! 


Oh Bother

I got an email from one of my blogger Ladies (I do have one blogger Dude…I couldn’t forget you Mr. Fishman), she wanted to know why I hadn’t posted  lately.  I checked and my last post was in April, it does seem like I have fallen off the earth, but I am still here with feet planted firmly on the ground.

More unusual than not posting is that I haven’t been commenting on my friend’s blogs,  I usually comment on everyone’s blog…sorry.

To say that the last few months have been hard for me would be an understatement.  I’ve started a new medication, which helped one thing, but elevated my blood pressure.  My doctor is not happy. 

My stomach has been in an uproar, and my bowels have been doing a lot of complaining.  Sorry, TMI.

Since I’ve been in my twenties I have had a problem with boils.  Of course, being on steroids, and having a compromised immune system doesn’t help the situation.  I went to see my hippie doctor today because I developed a nasty one that was causing me some pain.  He wanted to dig it out…..I said NO NO NO!  I didn’t want antibiotics either (I am a pain in the ass), so we are just going to cover it and watch it. 

I’m hoping that soon I will conquer my fear of the unknown on the Internet.  I experienced some “cyber-bullying” of sorts for months, and I just couldn’t tolerate it any more.  Unfortunately, much of what was discussed was either not the truth,  exaggerated versions of certain events, or just plain old bullshit.   The devastating result of this gossip was that many of the people who read it…believed it all to be the truth.  Defending myself proved to be useless.  I gave up. 

On top of all of this I got a horrible virus….my computer, not me……and it did a real number on this poor little laptop.  I often can’t comment on a blog if it is WordPress which is frustrating…..argh!  I think I need a new laptop. Great.

I’m done with all this depressing news…..sorry. 

I’ll be back.  I promise