Mo and This Blog

Living day by day with chronic illness is what I write about.  I say it like it is, using humor when I can and vulgar language if I must.

I am a 60 year old Gal living in Chicago with my Hubby, The Joe-Man. I have two sons, Bill 27, and Dan 25.  Dog … Tootsie the Keeshond also included in said family.

I have secondary adrenal insufficiency diagnosed in 2001.  It’s a bitch of a disease!  I also have Crohn’s Disease, which has been behaving lately, I really think the daily steroids help keep it in check.

Hypopituitary, Hypothyroid, Seizure Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, bag of digestive ailments and the usual American health problems….fat, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and insomnia.  I think that’s all.

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On that blog I don’t bitch about my health problems…I just bitch!

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mo (Maureen)

6 thoughts on “Mo and This Blog

  1. Reading your blog is like reading my own diary. I have all the same illnesses and same responses. It’s eerie considering how hard it was to diagnose it all and how “odd” I’m considered… Or maybe they said “complex”. I am also fighting this daily and most people r really don’t understand.
    Take care

  2. I’m glad you found me and now I’m glad I found you too. I have been suffering from fibromyalgia since 2001, when I was exposed to a very ugly type of black mold and it sent my immune system all out of whack. I have been poked, prodded, tested, etc…looking for everything under the sun…then finally went to Johns Hopkins and got the fibro diagnosis. I know how hard it is to live with a painful condition everyday. Unfortunately, fibromyalgia isn’t as concrete as Crohn’s or Addison’s, so some people treat me like it’s all in my head. I’m really NOT crazy. Something bad happened and my body went nuts. I can control it about as much as I can control the tides. Best wishes to you for treatments to be effective!

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