How do I Deal With Transition?

Life is a series of transitions.  As a woman, I have transitioned from one role to another many times, sometimes willingly sometimes kicking and screaming.

  • Single Gal to married
  • no kids to being a Mom
  • no health problems to chronically ill
  • in charge of my life and family to dependent on everyone for help

But, my recent transition has really been the hardest.  Going from a  house full of family to an empty nest.

The empty nest syndrome……I am stuck.

A lot of women my age are dealing with the same feelings.  No one needs us anymore, no one is opening the fridge to see what there is to eat, no one is looking for clean socks. The house stays clean, the bananas go rotten, no one uses all the space on the DVR, and it is so quiet in the house.  I hate it.

Both my sons have moved to Colorado and I am still in Chicago, yes with my wonderful husband Joe, but I miss my kids.  I miss the electricity and excitement that entered the house with my son Dan.  I miss the long talks and the goofy laughter with my son Bill.  These boys took care of me and entertained me.  I lived through them for years.  What is more exciting that seeing your son on stage playing guitar in his band in a jam packed bar?  What could possibly be better than watching your son put on a uniform, go to work and drive a fire truck sirens blaring and lights ablaze?

Now I relish in their daily lives and accomplishments through facetime and facebook.  I am letting go a little more each day, and with each step I am kicking and screaming.  Every Mother goes through this……right?

The hardest transition of my life.