Versatile Blogger Award

My blogger friend Dorky Deb   awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award.  In fact she nominated both of my blogs, Addison Girl and Mo is blogging…I think!

As recipient of The Versatile Blogger Award, you must tell 7 things about yourself that your readers might not know.  Then pass the award along to 5 other deserving bloggers.  For me that’s 14 things to list, and 10 fabulous bloggers to pass the award on to.  Whew!

Seven Things You Might Not Know About Me

  • I am a horrible cook….ask my poor Hubby and kids
  • I am a grown-up Flower Child who used to carry a guitar around wherever I went
  • I was a Police/Fire Dispatcher in the 70’s and 80’s
  • I hate Tequila
  • I am lactose intolerant
  • I hate show tunes – much to  my Sister’s chagrin
  • I am scared of water, and yes I can swim

I will now pass this award on to five bloggers….and they are….

Picnic With Ants – Wendy writes this blog about her struggle with Meniere’s Disease.  I have such admiration for Wendy because this condition sounds horrific.  She recently had surgery and is keeping her readers informed of her progress.  She is also a talented artist and shares her works with her readers. 

Finding Lana – Lana is another “Addison Girl” and shares all the ups and downs of living with Addison’s Disease.  She is a brave woman who has survived some close calls with this disease.  Her lovely daughters and Husband are always at her side helping her through life.  She is an inspiration to me.

Simply Suzanna – Suzanna is a “Addison Girl” also and her blog always has a surprise waiting for you.  She loves fashion, cooking, decorating,  her dog and her new fiance!  Her colorful blog always puts me in a good mood!

SpicyT’s Blog – Tammy shares everything with her readers in a way that you just want to reach out and hug her.  Her recurring and endless health problems, thanks to a botched surgery, are difficult to read at times.  Knowing someone is in pain with no support from doctors is heartbreaking.  But, Tammy has a great sense of humor too and will keep you entertained!

My CFS Life – This wonderful Lady who pens under the name “Hidden Lives” is a talented and spiritual writer.  I look forward to her posts and she always has a message or lesson to share with her readers.  Her poems and writing transport you to exactly where she is, whether it is her yard or pond on her magnificent property.  Her stories of her faith are always a great read.


If you would like to pass your award along and participate in the Versatile Blogger Award, just tell us about yourself and let us know about five of your favorite blogs.  If not, that’s OK too. 

P.S.  These blogs are just a few of my favorites, there are so many that I had a hard time choosing.  I have recently found some new blogs (new to me at least) that I would love to share with everyone.  That will be coming soon. 

Happy Holidays to Everyone and A Blessed Christmas!




Overdid it Again!

Yesterday I felt strong enough to go do some returns at the mall.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the stores weren’t crowded and the parking lot had close spaces open and waiting for me.  Score.

As long as I was in the store I thought I would search for a pair of dress pants for a party coming up this weekend.  Nothing.  Went to another large department store….nothing there either.  Seems to me if you need a Petite size (translated…short) you are out of luck.  If you go to the regular petite section, you have to be a size ten or smaller.  If you go to the women’s petite section, manufacturers think you are at least five foot six.  I an stuck in the middle…five foot nothing and needing a 14 or 16 woman’s petite.  I will try Lane Bryant but I rarely find anything there either.  Clothes designers need to understand that every “Plus size” woman is not tall.

Back to what I was going to talk about in the first place…overdoing it.

Today I feel like a wet rag…. jello legs, hands hurt, arms ache and feet throbbing.  I took Tylenol for the aches, and 2.5mg of Cortef, to combat the fatigue,  which I don’t think helped at all.  I think rest is the only thing that will help me today. 

What do you do when you way overdo it?  Can you push through it, or do you need a day or two to recover?  “The Help” is on cable…I will be on the couch watching it tonight with a pillow and blanket.



Steroids – A Love-Hate Relationship

Steroids…You can’t live with them….You can’t live without them.

I am on daily steroid therapy for the rest of my life for Addison’s Disease.  I was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease (secondary adrenal insufficiency)  and hypo-pituitary in 2001, and still struggle with the changing needs of my body’s need for medication.  A short explanation: My pituitary gland,  doesn’t produce the hormones needed for the body to function properly.  The most important hormone is ACTH, which stimulates the adrenals to produce cortisol, which is essential for life. 

Helping your body cope with the absence of cortisol can only be accomplished by trying to mimic the missing hormone.  That means steroids.  The medication used most often is Cortef, which I take daily.

The side effects of taking steroids are extensive, and you need to monitored by your physician on a regular basis. Without a correct diagnosis and proper medications, adrenal disease could be fatal.  Luckily I was diagnosed early and started on meds promptly. 

Ahhhh…steroids.  They make you hungry, they cause insomnia, osteoporosis, muscle weakness blah blah blah and they make you fat!

Can’t live with ’em…can’t live without ’em

Good Doctors

After ten years with Addison’s Disease, and twenty six years with Crohn’s I know I am very lucky to have a team of fabulous doctors. 

My endocrinologist understands my Addison’s and also treats my hypothyroidism.  She listens and does research keeping up with new medications or treatments that might help me.  I really can’t complain about her.

My Internist handles all the odds and ends, blood pressure, high cholesterol, insomnia, depression and anxiety.  He never rolls his eyes at me and he tells me I am one of his “Tough Broads”.  I cannot complain about him either.

My Gastro Guy is a gem.  Not only is he good-looking, but has helped me through many pretty bad G.I. episodes.  I could never complain about this Dr. McDreamy

My surgeon is very serious stern look about him, but has a wonderful sense of humor.  Note:  It hurts to laugh after major abdominal surgery.  I could never complain about this Dr. Funny Man.

My neurologist makes his patients wait forever in his waiting room, but he is totally worth it.  He is the guy who diagnosed my seizure disorder.  His office is a long drive, but I wouldn’t go to anyone else.  No complaints here.

I am aware that most people cannot find a doctor, let alone a team of doctors that work together as well as mine do.  Plus, they all know each other which works out really well.  I’m very lucky.