Good Doctors

After ten years with Addison’s Disease, and twenty six years with Crohn’s I know I am very lucky to have a team of fabulous doctors. 

My endocrinologist understands my Addison’s and also treats my hypothyroidism.  She listens and does research keeping up with new medications or treatments that might help me.  I really can’t complain about her.

My Internist handles all the odds and ends, blood pressure, high cholesterol, insomnia, depression and anxiety.  He never rolls his eyes at me and he tells me I am one of his “Tough Broads”.  I cannot complain about him either.

My Gastro Guy is a gem.  Not only is he good-looking, but has helped me through many pretty bad G.I. episodes.  I could never complain about this Dr. McDreamy

My surgeon is very serious stern look about him, but has a wonderful sense of humor.  Note:  It hurts to laugh after major abdominal surgery.  I could never complain about this Dr. Funny Man.

My neurologist makes his patients wait forever in his waiting room, but he is totally worth it.  He is the guy who diagnosed my seizure disorder.  His office is a long drive, but I wouldn’t go to anyone else.  No complaints here.

I am aware that most people cannot find a doctor, let alone a team of doctors that work together as well as mine do.  Plus, they all know each other which works out really well.  I’m very lucky.



3 thoughts on “Good Doctors

  1. Hi Mo, I’m sorry you have a cold as I write, and I hope you get well very soon! I wanted to find out if you ate some raw beets, which might help the cold (? I dunno), but I guess being sick and in bed is no time to chop beets. So, maybe the men will. (? I dunno about that either). Also, I like this post. I need a few specialist, and it is good to know it’s possible. Such a grateful post too! Thanks for sharing this. With healing hugs, Michelle.

  2. Hi Maureen,
    it is so crucial to have a good team of doctors! I have met some who are fabulous and others who are a nightmare but I, at the moment, have a great team!

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