Overdid it Again!

Yesterday I felt strong enough to go do some returns at the mall.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the stores weren’t crowded and the parking lot had close spaces open and waiting for me.  Score.

As long as I was in the store I thought I would search for a pair of dress pants for a party coming up this weekend.  Nothing.  Went to another large department store….nothing there either.  Seems to me if you need a Petite size (translated…short) you are out of luck.  If you go to the regular petite section, you have to be a size ten or smaller.  If you go to the women’s petite section, manufacturers think you are at least five foot six.  I an stuck in the middle…five foot nothing and needing a 14 or 16 woman’s petite.  I will try Lane Bryant but I rarely find anything there either.  Clothes designers need to understand that every “Plus size” woman is not tall.

Back to what I was going to talk about in the first place…overdoing it.

Today I feel like a wet rag…. jello legs, hands hurt, arms ache and feet throbbing.  I took Tylenol for the aches, and 2.5mg of Cortef, to combat the fatigue,  which I don’t think helped at all.  I think rest is the only thing that will help me today. 

What do you do when you way overdo it?  Can you push through it, or do you need a day or two to recover?  “The Help” is on cable…I will be on the couch watching it tonight with a pillow and blanket.




7 thoughts on “Overdid it Again!

  1. When I over do…well, I seem to do that way too often. And I often just crash afterward, I hurt for days.
    sometimes I’m thrown into a full blown attack.

    My trouble is, as my condition changes, my cut off point…to over doing it…is changing. I often can’t tell…until, BAM,…oh…I did it again!

    Then I spend a few days pampering myself. I also get massages regularly. They save me. I don’t have to take as much medication, or go to the doctor as often, or go to PT…my medical massage therapist is wonderful. and she is such a lovely person.

    it’s funny, how I often feel I have to justify the cost of going to a massage therapist, when it’s so obvious that it helps me to no end. why is that?…hum…an idea for a new post perhaps.

    Please try to not over do it so much. I know you have loved ones to spend this holiday season with, so be sure to take that extra little bit of pampering for yourself, so you can enjoy the people you love without feeling miserable.

    love to you.

  2. you should have taken extra when you were in the mall. I’m learning that an extra 2.5 or 5 mg is best during the extra activity, and it’s easier to recover that way. If I wait until I’m wiped out that night or the next day it’s hard to get back on my feet. frustrating, huh?

    • I know Suzanna….ya think I would learn huh? It was early in the evening so I thought I would be fine. And I will forget about this and try it again in a few months. I have a short memory!

  3. Post-shopping fatigue: sigh, the story of my life, too. And if it’s any consolation, I have trouble finding a 4 or 6 that’s not a petite. They never seem to get that women 5’6″ might aspire to get up to 100 pounds…. Who would guess that I’m on steroids!?

    • We always think we will be able to do it “just this once” don’t we?

      Women come in all sizes don’t we? I wish the clothes designers would get it. I need to learn how to tailor my own clothes, then everything would fit. My Mom used to do it when I was in high school, I don’t think I would have the patience tho.

  4. Generally, when I over do it, I just push through (when I have no choice) and then sit around with glazed eyes, starring at HGTV since it seems like it’s about all that’s on without mayhem and gore.
    It seems that the older I get the less it takes to “over-do” .
    But I generally try to ignore my symptoms and keep doing — I usually will be in pain and fatigued no matter what I do or don’t do anyway. If I “take it too easy” I tend to focus more on myself which doesn’t help.

    • There are days that I can push through it and some days I just can’t move. The Addison monsters can be really mean and can trap me in the bed for days at a time. And getting older definately can affect anybody’s fatigue level.

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