How I feel Today

  • I put on makeup today, and I still look like shit
  • My hands are so achy, I don’t know why but they always hurt
  • It is going to be ridiculous hot again this week, I will be staying inside
  • My blood pressure is down today…130/80, still too high, but better than it was
  • The new medication is causing the high blood pressure, I don’t want to stop it
  • I cooked today and it was delicious!  Grilled chicken on a pita with Tzatziki sauce and grilled onions
  • All of my flowers are dead, burned up and crispy, I hear them screaming sometimes
  • I am addicted to a word game on my Kindle…I can’t stop
  • Go Cubs!
  • #1 son is working at the firehouse today, I hope they don’t get any fires…too hot to work outside
  • #2 son is training for a Trialtholon….don’t know how he does it, he rode 20 miles yesterday on his bike
  • As of today I have lost 19 lbs since March…slow but steady
  • I wish I could exercise….inside however
  • My “new” jeans are very baggy on me  (yay)

That’s my boring life today…how about you?


13 thoughts on “How I feel Today

  1. Staying in during the heat is very wise. I did the same. Do you have a good tzatziki sauce recipe? My husband and I have been trying to make it for a while now and always failing!

  2. Maureen, at least you have some positives in there! That’s always a good thing.

    Even though it’s so hot, it’s way better for me than the cold which makes me ache horribly, so I’ll take the heat any day, even when it’s close to 100!

    I have a new Kindle Fire! And I purchased a word game. It’s “Word to Word” and it’s fun! I’ve tried that “Words With Friends” but I don’t have time to be on Facebook, so I gave that up. I really don’t understand how people have so much time to be on Facebook and Twitter, etc. so much. I barely have time to write my blog posts!

    Glad to see you got a post done!

  3. Baggy new jeans! Wowza!! I hope one day, I can say the same. That’s awesome!! Are you on a new medication for Addison’s, or something else? Hope your week is going well, and that your staying nice and cool! It’s HOT out there.

    • I have been trying Florinef to see if it helps me handle the summer heat. The jury is still out on this one, as it made my blood pressure go up!

  4. My life so far today is more boring than yours; I haven’t even had my shower yet, (it’s 12:05 pm) and I definitely haven’t cooked anything, lol (;

  5. Congrats on the weigh loss!!
    Oh, how I can relate to you.
    That is without the weigh loss.
    Wishing you good days 🙂

  6. That’s boring? That’s wonderful. It’s too hot to go outside, definitely true. You lost tons of weight and your new jeans are baggy. OMG. You had an amazing dinner. I never put on make up and always look like shit and now I am craving what you had for dinner. Did you make the Tzaziki sauce with yogurt (as it is made traditionally?) The Greek restaurant near us makes it with sour cream, no wonder it tasted so good! The only problem…I would have wanted baklava for dessert. Good thing I wasn’t there!!! Nice to see you writing again. Love, Twin

  7. Here’s how ego driven I am – the one thing I focused on was the 19 pounds you lost!
    How did you do it? My blood pressure is toooooo high even on blood pressure meds and I need to lose weight but I keep sabotaging it — I get exhausted so I eat, I get emotional so I eat, I eat and it tastes good so I eat more . . .
    You are my new idol!

    • I lost weight and you know what? Keeping it off is harder and makes one crankier. I long for the days of not knowing better and eating whatever I wanted when we lived in the one room hotel. Now, if I am up three pounds I need to “lose” it. Where’s the fun in life? My blood pressure is way too low and I’m always on the verge of passing out. Face it, beautiful ladies, we just can’t win.

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