Trying something different

Since diagnosis of secondary adrenal insufficiency in 2001, I have tried several dosing schedules and doses trying to find what will help me feel “normal”.   Five days ago I changed my dosing times, starting at 6am with 10 mg HC, then 10mg at 9am, 5mg at noon, and 2.5 at 3pm.  So far…. so good!  I am waking up earleir with less drowsiness during the day,and having an easier time with sleep at night.   There has been much discussion online about the generic HC manufactured by Lineage,which is what I have been taking for months now,  Some people are reporting that they feel much better with the brand name CORTEF, so I contacted my doctor, and she ordered me some.  I should get that within a week, and hoping that helps me also.  Of course, I know that you can try something different, change things up and it doesn’t always work, you don’t improve much or for long. But I am willing to try this, pay the extra money for the brand name medication and take a chance.  I have an exciting summer coming, my son is getting married in June, in Colorado, in the mountains! High altitude, happy stress, traveling, different climate……all of which are not the greatest scenarios for us sickies.  Keeping my fingers crossed that a change will be a good thing for me for now.  change-1

Ashley Judd – Puffy Face – and Steroids

The Common Cold

Why do they call it that?

This is day eight for me with a cold and all the symptoms that come along with it.  I am afraid that I will blow my brains out through my nose, or even worse, cough up a lung.  I’ve been treating my symptoms with DayQuil/Nyquil but I’m still miserable. 

So what can a body with autoimmune issues do?  Just like normal people, nothing really except treat the symptoms.

With Addison’s Disease something as common as the “Common Cold” can quickly lead you into the horrible world of the ER.  Because I take steroids everyday to treat my adrenal insufficiency, my body is less able to fight off infection.  With a fever or without enough fluids a body can quickly dehydrate, which has always been a big problem for me.  With the “dehydration monsters” present you risk low potassium and low sodium, which can take me down the slippery road to an “Addisonian Crisis”.  A very unpleasant place to find yourself.


So, my advice to anyone visited by the common cold this winter is to

  • Rest, rest, rest
  • Drink Plenty of fluids
  • Try to eat something
  • Watch for a fever
  • Take whatever OTC “symptom killer” that you think might help (I like  Nyquil, it helps me sleep)
  • Wash your hands often to prevent spreading germs
  • See your doctor if needed


If you have adrenal insuffiency increase your steroid dose as recommemded by your physician.

My doctor has advised me what to do when I am sick, and you must check with your own physician to get a recommendation for you.

Remember we are all different! 

I have secondary adrenal insufficiency, and individuals that are primary or with other adrenal issues MUST talk to their doctor about their own treatment.  I am not a Doctor.