I’m That Lady You Hate to Drive Behind

I’m That Lady You Hate to Drive Behind


I’m THAT LADY.  I drive the speed limit.  I reduce my speed in school zones.  I stop completely at stop signs, and never blow through yellow lights.  I use my blinkers, and yes I probably leave them blinking for a mile or two after I’ve changed lanes.  I am polite and let other drivers merge when needed.  I don’t fight over parking spots in the mall lot and I never park illegally.  I don’t drive in the “go fast” lane while doing just the speed limit, and I don’t pass trucks on the right.  I don’t follow too closely.

I listen to the “oldies” station and sing along with both hands on the wheel. I do not text, tweet or talk on the phone while driving.  I haven’t had a traffic ticket since my teens, and have never been in an accident that I have caused.

I am a good driver.  I have little patience for crazy drivers who speed and switch lanes constantly.  I yell and swear at stupid people and I may or may not flip the bird occasionally.  YES, I am that driver you hate to drive behind.  I am that Senior Citizen Lady with the peace sign hanging from my mirror and the bumper sticker that reads “Woodstock Forever”.  Be afraid young driver…..I will make you late for school, I will make you mad because I am going the speed limit and you will speed up to pass me. But beware young stupid hot-headed driver…..you will eventually get stopped by the police and get a slew of tickets.  And I will happily drive on with my radio blasting and my turn signal blinking……still.