Fatigue Monsters

Yesterday the overwhelming “fatigue monsters” started moving in, and today they have made themselves right at home.  I slept thirteen hours last night and then spent the whole day on the couch.  Too exhausted and weak to do anything.

Adrenal insufficiency can really knock you down and do it quickly with no warning.  I have been handling a stressful situation lately, and no matter how hard I try to overcome it, my body goes haywire.  Stress is my worst enemy, but there is stress in everyday living, you just can’t avoid it.

So, I am resting and taking it easy today. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better and not like someone could knock me over with a feather.

10 thoughts on “Fatigue Monsters

  1. Some birds have really big feathers!
    They can get ya.
    I’ve been curled up in my recliner for a while.
    Gotta listen to this body of ours.
    Take care of you my friend.
    Hot cocoa would be nice.
    Are you a marshmallow kinda gal?

    • Wendy, I am not a hot chocolate kind of gal….but I do love marshmallows straight! Still feeling tired and just laying around. I think I might need a recliner!

  2. Sorry you’re so knocked out and dealing with a stressful situation.
    You’re redecorating looks great. Think of you often.
    Feel better soon!
    Fatigue monsters, you bad guys go away. Maureen would like to have a good day.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time. This disease is so unpredictable. You can be doing o.k., then for no reason that you can figure out, you’re down. And there’s nothing to do about it but wait it out.
    Just know positive thoughts and prayers are sent your way.

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