Trying something different

Since diagnosis of secondary adrenal insufficiency in 2001, I have tried several dosing schedules and doses trying to find what will help me feel “normal”.   Five days ago I changed my dosing times, starting at 6am with 10 mg HC, then 10mg at 9am, 5mg at noon, and 2.5 at 3pm.  So far…. so good!  I am waking up earleir with less drowsiness during the day,and having an easier time with sleep at night.   There has been much discussion online about the generic HC manufactured by Lineage,which is what I have been taking for months now,  Some people are reporting that they feel much better with the brand name CORTEF, so I contacted my doctor, and she ordered me some.  I should get that within a week, and hoping that helps me also.  Of course, I know that you can try something different, change things up and it doesn’t always work, you don’t improve much or for long. But I am willing to try this, pay the extra money for the brand name medication and take a chance.  I have an exciting summer coming, my son is getting married in June, in Colorado, in the mountains! High altitude, happy stress, traveling, different climate……all of which are not the greatest scenarios for us sickies.  Keeping my fingers crossed that a change will be a good thing for me for now.  change-1

8 thoughts on “Trying something different

  1. What do I think?…. I think I am happy to read your blog! My daughter was diagnosed with SAI (isolated ACTH deficiency) in April and although she is SO much better, she still struggles. I have only read a couple of your posts as of yet, but thanks for sharing. As you know, information on this is a challenge.

    If you would like to email me – I put my info. in.

    I noticed you are in the Chicago area – us too! Maybe you can share who your doctor is? Took so long to figure out what was wrong with my daughter – our doctor is in NYC!

    • Marian, So happy you found me…….my official diagnosis is also Isolated ACTH deficiency. I have seen four endos, my current one I really like, she is convinced I am autoimmune hypo-pituitary. No test available to confirm it however. My doctor is D. Maryann Emmaunuel at Loyola Hospital, I see her at her office in Burr Ridge, Il, a southwest suburb of Chicago. She made the list of top 100 docs in Chicago a few years back, she is 50’ish and really listens. You live in Chicago but see an endo in NYC? That’s quite a drive!

      Hope to talk soon and compare notes.

  2. Great news that your sleep cycles are better and you are more alert during the day!
    I so hope that the brand name DOES make an even bigger difference for you. I’ve know so many people who say that medicine brands impact them differently. I keep thinking there should be more regulation and standardization of all medicine.

    Congratulations on the coming marriage of your son! I certainly can understand that the combination of everything – no matter how happy an occasion it is – makes you apprehensive. (I get apprehensive if I have to do grocery shopping and brush my teeth on the same day.)

    • Judy/Judith, I’m hoping that the medication change will help me. I never feel really good, but “kinda” good will be terrific for me! And worrying about Laurie every minute of every day is keeping me, and all of us, on edge. My rosary beads are getting a real workout.

  3. I hope your new dosing and name brand drug works better for you!!
    I know you have some happy stress coming soon.
    Take care of you and prepare as much as you can…that’s all you can do.
    I know you know more than anyone else just what to do for you.
    Remember to breathe. 😉
    love to you!

  4. Mo, you might like Greenstone HC, it is the generic made by Pfizer who makes Cortef. It even has Cortef stamped on the pill. I have used it since West-ward cease manufacturing their HC. I like it…and I assume it will be cheaper then Cortef. I really dreaded the switching but it has worked out fine for me.


    • Jo, thanks for the info, I think I have had the Greenstone before and I totally forgot about it. I have been getting “Lineage” brand lately, and just not feeling good,but you never know if it is the meds or something else. Always looking for a reason for everything…..that’s my problem! Thanks so much Jo, you are a Treasure!

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