Christine Miserando writes a blog named “But you Don’t Look Sick” where she covers topics that are interesting to people with chronic illness.  The title of her blog is a statement that anyone sick hates to hear, there is no way to respond without sounding ungrateful or bitchy.  There is no good response.  Christine wrote a wonderful article she calls “The Spoon Theory” explaining how she described her health difficulties to a friend. Her article has helped countless people understand what chronic illness, especially profound fatigue, can do to someone.  I have quoted her theory often and my family ask me about my “spoons” all the time. It makes sense. Please read her article.   (The Spoon Theory)

My fascination with spoons turned me to the internet looking for anything “spoony” to acknowledge my fondness for the simple spoon.  I discovered shirts, necklaces, magnets, wooden, metal, baby, gigantic, teeny and personalized.  But, my favorite find was a site owned by LeAnn Larson of Minnesota named,  Bent spoon Jewelry  I fell in love with her beautiful jewelry and bought one pronto.  She fashions pieces out of old silverware and I was thrilled when I found a bracelet made using my Mom’s old silver pattern.  I wear it everyday, it is meaningful for me because it reminds me of my Mom.

Sharing this talented Gal’s website is something I just wanted to do, I don’t know LeAnn personally and I don’t work for her.  Check her out if you are looking for ake a something unique.  Because, we can all use an extra couple of spoons occasionally.






One thought on “Spoons

  1. yes, we can all use an extra spoon now and then.

    When I was growing up spoon rings were in fashion, actually they are in the South all the time. They are passed down. Often made from…as you said, the family silver pattern. I always wanted one when I was young, but it was something the wealthier girls had. It became something I coveted for a while, then I tried one one and realized it looked horrible on me, I have stubby fingers and they are too wide for me. Later it became something that I disliked because it represented to stuck up little southern belle girls that looked down on me. However, I have seen some lovely spoon jewelry. I don’t harbor ill will against any longer…I’ve grown..ha. I do realize it wasn’t the rings it was the girls. 🙂

    Just thought I’d share a little of that Southern history I had.

    Enjoy your spoons!

    I do miss reading your posts.
    I think of the little poems you’ve posted, certain verses have helped me.
    a funny about being stuck on the toilet has helped me more than you know.

    heart felt stories have also stayed with me.
    your sharing…it is always from the heart and I feel it, I miss you.
    just so you know.

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