The Name Game – A Contest

I’m asking all my creative Friends to help me find a new name for my blog.  I’ve been writing about my adrenal disease for years, but have really avoided discussions about my digestive issues. It can be embarrassing to talk about “poop”, but let’s face it…everybody poops!   Crohn’s Disease can be debilitating and often harder to deal with than my other illness.  My adrenals have been behaving, more or less, so I have nothing to complain about….except my poop problems. I want my blog’s name to reflect my challenge with both Crohn’s and Addison’s Disease.

So here goes.  Whoever comes up with a great name……wins! The winner will receive a box of cheesy Chicago memorabilia straight from Walgreen’s and the Dollar Store…..we have good junk here in the Windy City.

Submit your idea in a comment…..asap….and I will pick a worthy name and send out your prize!


10 thoughts on “The Name Game – A Contest

  1. Hey….did you pick a winner. I wasn’t feeling very creative…but looks like Judy was. Waiting for the updated name and new posts! missing some mo. I personally like “holding on and letting go with Mo!” Wisdoms from the Throne of Mo. missing you

  2. If this contest is still going, here’s my contribution!

    Normal, Everyday (for me) – lightening up taboo subjects by the disclaimer that it’s just normal, everyday talk to you. 🙂

    From Adreanals to Crohnz (tried to get an A-Z thing going in that one, but you could spell it correctly because ABCs is also a thing.)

    and this’ll be my last one,

    This Episode Brought to you By…. then you could start each post with either Adreanals or Crohns!

    • Rachel, You are so creative…..thinking about your suggestions. Haven’t been feeling the greatest and been avoiding the internet…..I shall return!

  3. Too Pooped to Blog
    Too Pooped to Pop
    All About Above & Below
    Wiped Out
    Things that Irritate, Things that Soothe
    Digest This!
    My Digest
    Feel’n Poopy (theme song could be “Feel’n Groovy”)
    EveryBody Has a Part
    Holding on & Letting Go with Mo

    and the winner which you already coined in your post . . . EveryBody Poops!

    xxx judy

    P.S. Should I win PLEASE do not send me a box of stuff. Donate it. I’m trying to get rid of my stuff!!!!!!

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