Whats in a name!

Living with an Addisonian

Apparently a lot.

Its not just what IS in a name, but what isn’t.

8% of those suffering Adrenal Insufficiency are because of an Autoimmune condition.  Generally, if it’s autoimmune you will have other conditions as well.

These conditions need to be taken into account when drugs are prescribed.

In New Zealand we have Government Subsidies to pay for medications.  As long as the medication is on the list approved by Pharmac then it costs $5.00 each time you get a script.  Derek normally gets enough Hydrocortisone for 3 months at a time.

The catch with this is he is limited to one brand, and only one brand.

Derek’s Adrenal Insufficiency is not autoimmune thankfully, but his Antiphospholipid Syndrome is.  With Derek’s warfarin he is given options of original or generic brand.  There are two option, so if he has problems or side effects on one, he can change to…

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6 thoughts on “Whats in a name!

  1. I left a comment on the original post. Thanks for sharing it.
    Here’s a site I often use to look up my meds. It’s not perfect, but it helps with many of the medications I take. It list all the ingredients by manufacturer. Not all meds are on there, but I have found most of mine. http://pillbox.nlm.nih.gov/
    If you go there, use the Advanced Search, the Quick search is harder and not quick at all.

    hope this helps a little.

      • oh honey…so do I!! and cannot believe how many I am on!
        want to get off of some so bad. so much!!!!
        I need to look up inactive ingredients in everything I take, because of my allergies and intollerances,and if they change manufactures, it’s back to it. ugh, got sick recently because one company changed a med and put mallitol in it….that a sweetener, it’s a pill, do you really need it sweet, and with an artificial sweetener?

        and then recently a doctor gave me a drug that really had adverse side effects to one of my other meds…I didn’t look it up.
        Why do I give my doctor’s a medication list??
        why do we have to do their job??

        I’m ranting.

        I hate medications!

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