I’m That Lady You Hate to Drive Behind


I’m THAT LADY.  I drive the speed limit.  I reduce my speed in school zones.  I stop completely at stop signs, and never blow through yellow lights.  I use my blinkers, and yes I probably leave them blinking for a mile or two after I’ve changed lanes.  I am polite and let other drivers merge when needed.  I don’t fight over parking spots in the mall lot and I never park illegally.  I don’t drive in the “go fast” lane while doing just the speed limit, and I don’t pass trucks on the right.  I don’t follow too closely.

I listen to the “oldies” station and sing along with both hands on the wheel. I do not text, tweet or talk on the phone while driving.  I haven’t had a traffic ticket since my teens, and have never been in an accident that I have caused.

I am a good driver.  I have little patience for crazy drivers who speed and switch lanes constantly.  I yell and swear at stupid people and I may or may not flip the bird occasionally.  YES, I am that driver you hate to drive behind.  I am that Senior Citizen Lady with the peace sign hanging from my mirror and the bumper sticker that reads “Woodstock Forever”.  Be afraid young driver…..I will make you late for school, I will make you mad because I am going the speed limit and you will speed up to pass me. But beware young stupid hot-headed driver…..you will eventually get stopped by the police and get a slew of tickets.  And I will happily drive on with my radio blasting and my turn signal blinking……still.


8 thoughts on “I’m That Lady You Hate to Drive Behind

  1. I’m going to learn how to drive (again). Been studying the manual for the written test, then going to take lessons. The licenses here are graduated, so I don’t know when I’d be allowed to drive alone.
    Trouble is we’re going to either need to buy a 2nd car, or I have to learn to drive a manual stick shift too! I’d like to have one of those little fiats, or a Mazda Miata. Sigh — dream away.
    I hope to be the lady folks don’t want to drive behind too. Thanks for signaling, as a pedestrian that’s helpful, as is not running the red, and recognizing pedestrians as they try to cross at a cross-walk. We are not bowling pins that your bowling ball car is aimed at.
    Wishing you all the best in 2014 — I really hope it’s a good year for you and your family.

  2. I can’t drive any more, but you were the driver I liked! The crazies out there sccared me silly. Just thinking they will get a ticket is nice, I always imagined them smeared on the road…possibly taking out one of us with them.
    Yes, I was that driver too. But rarely did I get angry at other drivers.
    Stuart is that driver too! The most cautious driver ever! But he does yell at “stupid” people. He does make me feel safe in the car though.
    Stay THAT driver!

  3. I drive the same way here down south! Thanks for all of the smiles you gave me/us during 2013. Can’t wait for all of your musings in 2014!!

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