Another day

My hubby Joe has been home since Friday doing some DIY work.  Because he has been spending so much time in the house he has been re-aquainted with the unpredictability of my day to day activities.  He has dealt with my illnesses along with me since 2001, and has been there through everything.  He understands that my energy level can change quickly.  He understands that I cannot leave the house if my Crohn’s monsters are visiting.  He understand that I might spend the morning sleeping, and then still need to rest in the afternoon.  He understands that my pain levels can be minimal for days and then be doubled over with cramping and spasms with no warning.  He knows that planning something doesn’t mean it will really happen.

Today I am totally exhausted.  I changed the sheets on the bed and it knocked me out.  I am pissed at my body today.


6 thoughts on “Another day

  1. Feeling the same way toward my body lately. Stuart says he knows when I really don’t feel well, especially emotionally, because I keep mumbling, “I hate my body” or “my body hates me”
    I tried to clean a little of the bathroom today, knowing I can’t do the tub, shower, or floor…but I only got one sink finished and collapsed in pain. (I forgot I feel and twisted my back last week) and I was sooooo dizzy. Silly thing but I really miss house work.
    My hubby’s been there with me as the meniere’s monster has taken over so much,but sometimes I still have to remind him things like…I can’t pick up something I may have dropped.

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