R.I.P. Fridge

Our refrigerator up and died a few days ago.  It was a slow death.  One day it got confused and poured water into the broken ice maker and it ended all over the kitchen floor.  All the drawers and shelves were wobbly. If you took the chance to open the door you needed to be prepared that your feet were going to get hit by a flying yogurt or worse….the entire veggie drawer and the contents. Then the ice cream started to melt.  That was the last straw.

So, we took a trip to our local Menard’s store, the wanna-be Home Depot of the midwest.  Mr. “I can’t make a decision” actually agreed on my favorite (!!!) and we happily went to the front to arrange delivery.  Then it hit me.  Weakness, dizziness, dry mouth.  The “I am going to faint if I don’t sit down now” feeling.  Thankfully Joe found a chair for me or I was going to lay down on the floor.  People look at you funny when you do that.

You would imagine that after twelve years of this disease I would be prepared for this to happen every so often. Nope. Getting pissed off upset doesn’t help at all.  But of course I did.  Really really pissed me off upset.   Then I was good for shit nothing the next day.  

The refridgerator will be here Wednesday.  I hope I’m awake so I can open the door for the delivery men.

AHHHHHHHHH  Mr. Addison, I love you!


7 thoughts on “R.I.P. Fridge

  1. I once had to lay down in a walmart – and with all the pictures of what people do in Walmarts I felt ok about it. Until an old friend recognized me and was like “HI!!! Uh….what are you doing?” Awkward.

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