No One Sees Me

No one sees me, it is as if I just disappeared, vanished, ceased to be.

I am enveloped in fog, zero visibility and I remain unseen.

The sun hasn’t come out and cut through the thick gray fog, I just wait…..until someone, anyone comes and gets me.

My world is small, few people enter my world although everyone is welcome.

Alone is sad.


6 thoughts on “No One Sees Me

    • Wouldn’t we be a fun pair? All we would do is eat and sleep! Sending phone number! If you want to call, I will be crying all weekend. The guys leave Friday to take Dan to his new home in Colorado. I don’t know what to comfort myself with…………wine? Or ice cream?

      • Maybe a little of both. Hum….that would be weird together, but I guess it would depend on the flavor of each. Dark Chocolate with red wine…a good Merlot….ummmm.
        But then I can have neither…migraine triggers. Oh but I used to love dark chocolate and red wine. : ) Bitter Sweet.

        A new adventure for Dan. You can share if vicariously…I hope.

        thinking of you.
        as I sit, replacing the spindle, playing games on my Kindle. (I know I butchered your poem..but the sentiment is there)

        I would offer to visit, but can’t drive. We are a pair huh? I woke up yesterday and Stuart asked how I was and I said, just waiting to die. Sometimes I feel that way…but I know right now I’m having hormone issues, so I do not trust my feelings.


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