I fell down…………..BOOM

Yesterday I was putting clean sheets on the bed and somehow got my feet all mixed up and I fell.  Well, really I just kind of   s l i p p e d   off my feet onto my ass.  So, there are am sprawled out on the floor checking myself for blood or bones sticking out somewhere and I found nothing horrible.  And, yes I had my phone on my pocket so if I had needed to cal anyone I could have.  I really thought I had broken my arm because it hurt so much and it bruised quickly.  I slammed my arm into the bed frame on my graceful descent to the floor but better my arm than my head I guess.

Today I am a black and blue mess and I hurt all over.  I ate frozen pizza for dinner because I feel sorry for myself.    I.AM.A.KLUTZ.


8 thoughts on “I fell down…………..BOOM

  1. 😦 sounds scary. I’m glad you didn’t get hurt worse, sounds plenty bad as it is. I hope you had lots of quality time with ice packs (although this sounds like one of those times when you need about a dozen!).

  2. you said you just flopped on your butt, but you really fell hard!!
    I hope all the boo boo’s are gone, and there wasn’t anything more serious than the bruises….not to diminish the pain!!!

    that’s why I don’t change the sheets or make the bed. (it does get done, I just don’t do it….but I don’t do much.)

    may this year be much better for both of us.
    gentle hugs

  3. Oh, no! Please keep an eye out for anything that doesn’t feel quite normal in the next few days, Maureen. Could have a delayed reaction. I fell off a ladder once while taking down a hanging plant. Did a complete ballet repetoire on the way down. Would have loved to have seen a video of my lack of grace! No beautiful ballet slippers, but I had to wear a frankenstein boot for a while. Would have had a New Glarus beer with that frozen pizza to take the edge off! Sip only clear liquids for the next few days (like Chardonnay, etc.) Rest easy and stay away from those snaky bed sheets. God Bless.

  4. I know with Fibro imbalance is one of the symptoms (I’ve always been a klutz breaking ankles wrists way before) maybe with Addisons too? Check out the symptom area, it is NOT your fault. At least not in MY book. Eat chocolate, Pizza (with no jelly) and pamper yourself like the princess we know you are. Love, Twin. p.s. what’s really funny is that i”m writing a post about Fibro and imbalance…

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