Warning….TMI….Bathroom related content..I didn’t make it in time…


Too many nights I’ve run to the can, but never made it in time

Is is Crohn’s? Diverticulitiits? A bug inside me?

Or my colon screaming it’s sick again?.

It woke me up out of a deep deep sleep

and I knew what was happening

I ran praying while holding my breath

Alas, I didn’t make it in time

Lots of cursing was uttered, but that doesn’t help

I cleaned up and went back to bed.

About two hours later I woke with a start

and tried to move very fast

But the dog was sleeping on top of my feet

And again, I didn’t make it in time.

Three nights later……..it happened again

Though it wasn’t as bad as before

I went back to sleep with my fingers crossed

And slept like a baby till noon.

Then this week it happened again

Concerned, I was like….what’s going on?

The Hubby said I should call the doc, but I haven’t done it yet.

I’ll wait to see if it happens again, if it does then I’ll go to the doc

I know just what he’ll want to do, to see what’s going on

Drive a VW up my butt again and take a good luck around

The only good thing about having the test is my Handsome-ist doc

And I get good drugs…so I won’t care what’s happening while I’m knocked out.

I’ll keep everyone posted about my bathroom antics

It’s TMI you all want to you!


7 thoughts on “Warning….TMI….Bathroom related content..I didn’t make it in time…

  1. Do go see a doc. I’ve been having bad indigestion – not nearly as inconvenient as your problem, but it’s been happening 20-30 times a day for months. Husband has begged me to go to the doc, and I’m finally going in tomorrow. Good thing, too, since today I nearly choked to death at work – seems I’ve waited too long! You make sure you don’t wait too long too. No pun intended. 😉

    • Thanks Rachel, I am finally at the point that I just keep putting things off. Stupid, I know, but I am so sick of doctors (like most of us) AND I love my doctors, so it’s not them it’s me. I did call and I have an appointment with my GP day after tomorrow. Bother.

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