Ashley Judd – Puffy Face – and Steroids


13 thoughts on “Ashley Judd – Puffy Face – and Steroids

  1. Just as Ashley was beautiful before steroid use, so are you! I have definite differences in my face as well for the before and after shots. I should post these as well. I am always touched by the braveness of those who write about having this condition. You are very inspiring and encouraging for me to keep going, even through the most difficult of times. I appreciate you plugging along!!!!!!


  2. Ahhhh…the puffy steroid face. Yep, have it. The puff also seemed to find it’s way to my rear and my middle. I have tapered my dosage down a bit, but it’s tricky to find the exact dosage, and of course things change daily. It is nice to see your blog, and read about your experiences….very comforting for this Addison’s girl to meet fellow Addisonions!

  3. You know I’d forgotten but I do remember a few chest hairs! Not a lot, but still?! Not a pretty picture is it?

    Mo, hope the bad weather misses you up in Chicago!


  4. IF you find you have the steroid face and are NOT taking them, read up on Cushings, that is a condition cause by the over production of Cortisol by the body. IT can be caused by a tumor on the pitutary gland and WILL play havock on your body.

  5. I, like some of you, knew as soon as all the “controversy” started about Ashley that it wasn’t plastic surgery. I too highly suspected steroids, before she came out and said it was. I don’t think anyone should feel like they have to share their medical details with the world. And I think the way she’s been treated about her appearance is extremely unkind and unfair.

  6. I think the media has been very unkind to Ashley. As I have seen with my own puffy face and even worse puffy body…people didn’t recognize me. I felt so hurt.

    And the puffiness takes time to go away even after the steroids are lowered or stopped.


    • JO, Luckily she can eventually go off them. As for you and me….puffy faces forever! My Hubby affectionately calls me “His little round face girl” when I up my dose and I look like a pumpkin!

      Hope you are feeling good today…it is so humid here today, but only 75 degrees. I’m gonna go sit in my car with the AC and cool off!


  7. As soon as I saw Ashley Judd’s picture, I said “She’s on steroids.” Everyone else yelled ‘plastic surgery!’. Nope–I know pred head when I see it. On a side note, it also made hair fall out of my head but grow on my chest! TMI, I’m sure…….. I really like your post!

    • When everyone was saying plastic surgery I thought why would someone have plastic surgery to make themselves look heavier. She is one beautiful Gal….leave her alone! Hair on your chest? At least I didn’t get that, but my hair did get thinner. Feel good this week!

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