Spotlight Article

Connie Roberts, a health blogger I have been reading for a long time, gave me the opportunity to be featured on her blog in her spotlight interview section.  Her blog My Chronic Life, has information for anyone dealing with chronic illness.  Connie deals with Ulcerative Colitis, Myasthinia Gravis, Anemia, Mitral Valve prolapse, Sjogren’s Syndrome and Rhuematoid Arthritis. Her blog offers suggestions for everyone and links to other sites that can help.  Check her out.

I was honored that Connie thought my story was interesting enough to share with all of her readers.  To read my story go to:

Thank You Connie!


One thought on “Spotlight Article

  1. You are an incredible woman who is an inspiration for those dealing with chronic illness. Your strength, sense of humour, courage, and perservence along with your giving of yourself to others deserves this kind of recognition.
    Congratulations — it’s a wonderful article, and I’m glad you pointed it out.

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