Hooray for me!  Over a week with no Lunesta!  Still laying in bed for a long while before I do fall asleep, but when I finally do drift off…I stay asleep.  It is easier to wake up and I’m not in a daze for hours after getting up.  My daytime drowsiness isn’t as big a problem now but I still need to nap or rest every day.  

Saw the endo yesterday and she strongly suggested that I try to taper my steroid dose.  I am taking 25mg daily and she wants me to get down to 20mg, easier said than done.  She also gave me a prescription for Florinef hoping that it will help me tolerate the summer heat easier.  Last summer I was sick for months and I don’t want to go through that again. 

Another doctor visit tomorrow with my Osteopathic Physician for regular blood pressure check and refills on all my drugs.  I am telling him that I have stopped taking Simvastatin because of the side effects.  Heck, I’m only taking 10mg daily…why bother?  With my last blood work-up (just done last week), my cholesterol was good, and I forgot to fast before the test…and it was still fabulous!  (anyone taking a statin drug check the side effects…very interesting)

The air-conditioner was working overtime both yesterday and today, in MARCH! Unreal.




3 thoughts on “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ – Part 2

  1. Sounds like you are going to be getting along fine without the lunesta. Yay.
    and some good doctor visits. Stand your ground on the statin drug. you don’t want to be on those if you don’t HAVE to be.

    Our airconditioner too, is not getting a break. i think we will have a no break in our bill this year….you know normally there’s a couple of months where we don’t have to run the heat or air … or only some during the day. Not this year. We’ll be paying full price all year.

    Hope you have an easier summer this year.

  2. No Lunestra – good news and congratulations! Not being able to sleep is terrible, Two things that have sometimes worked for me are to listen to the classical music station, but at a very low volume so I can barely hear it. And then I bought this little sound machine and the ‘heartbeat’ selection has sometimes worked and the ‘waterfall’ selection (which sounds like white noise) has also helped. Continued good thoughts going your way, Mo!

  3. Having a good cholestrol reading, especially without fasting, is fantastic news.
    And congrats on getting off Lunestra — staying asleep, even if it takes awhile does make a difference on how you feel. The body needs that deeper kind of sleep.
    Hope you can continue to eliminate drugs, and good luck with lowering your steroid dose.
    The weather here has been unreal too — a snowless winter (except for the damaging fall storm; late spring — early summer temps — breaking records every week. Just the opposite than last year!
    Hope your air conditioning keeps humming along — and you get a break from the heat for awhile inside and outside of the house.

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