So, I’m trying to wean myself off Lunesta…the nasty stuff. Tonight is night five of my cold turkey withdrawal and it is getting easier. How can a person be so exhausted and tired, but can’t fall asleep? So, then you begin to depend on meds to help you sleep…and then sometimes the meds don’t help you sleep anyway…vicious cycle.

I do think that the Lunesta contributed to my daytime drowsiness, and my inability to wake up easily in the morning.

So we shall see…..




9 thoughts on “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ………………..

  1. I tried sleeping pills, but they didn’t work. In one way I’m glad, because they can become addictive. But in another, I just wish I could SLEEP! Last night I was up six freaken times and today I have a migraine due to such a horrible night’s rest.

    Good Luck, Maureen! 🙂

  2. Good luck; going cold turkey is NEVER easy! I think that some drugs really do last in some folks’ systems longer than others or the literature would suggest.
    I tried one of the sleep meds, and didn’t find it really helped.
    I know I stay awake, even exhausted, if my mind is working overtime, if my body isn’t.
    You’ve probably already tired it, but creative visualization can relax into a kind of drifting that may lead to at least some rest if not deep sleep.
    Once again good luck; keep us posted on your progress!
    Hope you get some sleep! Fingers crossed for you!

    • Don’t they say something like “Drift away on the wings of Lunesta”? Bullshit. Nightmares, sleepwalking, sleep eating…good thing I never got in the car. I might have ended up at your house.

  3. Good luck my dear. I have gone from feeling fatigue but not being able to fall asleep to not being able to stay awake due to this new diagnosis, and the drugs to treat it.

    oh….sorry, I dozed off there.
    but dang my head hurts.

    good luck…
    oh I said that.
    brain disorders.
    Who says.

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