You will fall down and die

This video painfully shows the ridiculous mentality of some doctors. I am lucky that my endocrinologist put me on replacement steroids as soon as I was diagnosed.


4 thoughts on “You will fall down and die

  1. Mo – I am catching up. I LOVE this short video and am very impressed that someone took the time to cover all of the aspects, from physician hesitancy to pharmacuetical issues and to masking the real issue instead of tackling real problems. I was one of those who nearly fell down dead before I could get a diagnosis, was 33 and went through a Code Blue in the hospital — NOT FUN. I’d been sick for months and not one doctor even ventured into the area of adrenal problems. All that I’ve learned since then — when thinking about all I went through and all of my symptoms, I am disgusted by their lack of thinking ability — this is a dangerous condition that doesn’t have time for a doctor to play around with our lives. Thankfully, I made it through that critical time. But, I know others are going through the same thing…


  2. That is interesting. I had Hashimoto’s thyroditis many years ago. And went through a very rough “attack” phase. I was told that they were “sure” that when the attack phase ended, my thyroid levels would bottom out and they could treat me with thyroid supplement. But the attack phase ended, and my levels never went low enough to allow them to give me thyroid supplement. The thyroid specialist I saw said he had never seen anyone whose thyroid looked as bad as mine did during the attack phase (on nuclear med scans, etc.), NOT end up with low thyroid blood results. He said it was very rare for it to happen at all, but he was truly shocked it happened in my case.

    So, I’ve had nearly every single symptom of low thyroid ever since. Everything about my health has spiraled badly downwards since Hashimoto’s. Every new doctor I’ve ever seen takes one look at my case and is just *sure* that I have low thyroid. And they tell me how they are going to put me on thyroid supplement even if I come back on the low end of normal. But then the bloodwork comes back and they all say the same thing, they don’t understand and my levels are “too good” to even attempt a low-dose.

    A few years ago, I pushed a doctor REALLY hard about this whole topic and he went to his supervisor (he was a doctor in residency, so he had a supervisor). That doctor diagnosed me with adrenal insufficiency years ago, but they offered me nothing for it. He was very kind towards me. But he said there wasn’t anything they were “allowed” to do for it. He told me to read a book on it, and told me to try to avoid stress, rest more, and take the best care of myself that I could.

    • OMG DEB! If you have adrenal insuffiency there are ways to treat it. Read a book??? He needs to read a book! The doctors should test you, find out if you do have it, and YES they can treat you. PUSH for it, you really should see an endocrinologist that knows something about adrenal disease. It would be wonderful if they gave you the right meds for it, and you had some energy, and you felt better. Good luck and don’t let them tell you NO.

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