Yes, I Have a Cleaning Lady

Some people might think I am spoiled, or lazy, but I am neither.   I also use Peapod –  grocery delivery service every four to five weeks or so. 

There are times that I am unable to properly clean the house, and I need help. At the suggestion of a friend, I called a woman from town who comes with a crew of four cleaners and in an hour my house is clean and smelling nice.   They don’t do the bedrooms, they couldn’t get in either of my son’s rooms because of the crap on the floor, and I can certainly do mine.  Every third week they breeze in and breeze out, leaving my house spotless.  It is not expensive and the help is priceless.  It would take me days to do what they get done in an hour.

Grocery shopping  is ao a difficult job for me, and I can’t do it alone.  Getting so tired that I have to go sit on the cases of Pepsi is embarrassing.  My Hubby works two jobs and isn’t home until late on the days he works his second job.  Both of my sons get home in the evening after working 10 to 12 hours, and I always hate to ask them to go to the store that late.  So I use Peapod.  Order on-line, shop the sale and special items, pick your delivery time and….viola your groceries appear at your door the next day.  AND they do double coupons, which is a bonus.  Only bad thing is you still need to put it all away!  I don’t use them every week, just when there is no one around to shop for me.

Anyone who has health issues and finds it hard to go to the store, or hard to get on your hand and knees to wash your kitchen floors deserves help.  Find help where ever you can.



15 thoughts on “Yes, I Have a Cleaning Lady

  1. You are smart. That’s all there is to it. You are smart enough to get extra help in the areas that make a difference. I believe that people who are ill often let things fall down around them because they don’t want to get that extra help that is desperately needed. Having someone come in to help clean things that are a challenge to do when your body is not as cooperative may actually allow you to feel better overall because you’re not obsessing about things left undone any longer and you can focus on other things that you CAN do something about. It’s a simple issue, but one that many people try to avoid out of stupid pride. Get the help. The older I get, the more likely it will be that I will have someone come every two weeks to my house to do the things I can’t. Everyone in my family does this, it’s a family tradition. It feels good to get extra help and it does your body and mind good!


  2. I have a cleaning service too!!
    We just started it. Stuart was running himself ragged. And I’d try and end up killing myself. After one day when he found me in the shower all balled up with cleanser all over me crying that I was a useless wife because I couldn’t even keep our house clean…he decided this was just too much. And the my worth should not be judged by how clean I can keep my house.

    So we have cleaners come now. The vacuum, dust, clean the kitchen (we do a pretty good job at keeping that up, but let’s be honest how many of us clean the over head thingy on the stove like we should? And most importantly…the clean the BATHROOMS!! Heck, they’ll even change our sheets!! They come once a month, and they are wonderful. And not awfully expensive, though I do feel a bit guilty sometimes.

    And I do shop for some grocery items on line. Not many because, well I’m picky. NO…I have food issues. And we like to buy local. All our meat and eggs and most of our veggies are local. I can’t find my GF pasta cheaper than at Walmart and it’s 1 mile from our house…Stuart can pick that up. but a lot of things I do get on line. I’m sent coupons to try,……hey, $10off, I’ll try you. and I get Mac and Cheese from Amazon…so much cheaper and something hubby can cook! haahaha other things too.
    But if we do have to go to the grocery store for staples, i save my coupons, find things on sale and stock up. Heck, I have 6 months worth of Toasted Sesame Oil, and may start ordering that!

    Nice post! Remind people
    We do not have to be super women.
    Save our resources for things we want to do!!!
    Have fun doing!
    House work…Bah!
    Going grocery shopping, I enjoy…but just when we go to the co-op, it’s small it’s friendly…and the atmosphere makes you feel like you are with your neighbors! But to the big box stores…ick!

    Let’s not waste the good days!
    Lately they are rare!
    Live them to the fullest!!!!

    love and hugs

    • Wendy, Didn’t you recently have a meltdown in the grocery store? Was that you? You get so tired pushing that damn cart around…then standing in line…putting it in your car….carrying it in the house…and THEN you have to put it away!! I needed to admit I can’t do it anymore. And as far as the house cleaning, nope..can’t do that either. It’s hard enough just to keep up with the laundry and trying to cook dinner a few nights a week.

  3. I think that’s great. My husband does our grocery shopping now. And my parents pick up things for us too. Since they live next door, it’s not hard to get things from them if we need something on the day they go. My husband does a pretty great job on most things. He’s not great at choosing fresh fruits and vegetables. So sometimes I’ll ask my Mom to pick up those while she is out.

    My Mom would help me clean, but my asthma gets so flared up from the smell of other people’s soaps and fragrances that I can’t have anyone in my home anymore. If I start coughing from the asthma, then that can lead to too much respiratory weakness from the neuromuscular disease, which could kill me. It’s a much more tricky balance now that I can’t take most of my allergy/asthma meds because they interfere with the neuromuscular disease. My parents are pretty careful about what they use in their house, so that I don’t get too sick when my kids come back from visiting next door, etc. But they still use soaps that keep me from having them in my house. I really miss having people over. I used to have the house that all of my friends hung out at. I miss being able to socialize more.

    I do as much of the household stuff as I can, and my husband & kids help out a lot. We are always having to readjust, as my “new normal” changes as this disease progresses. I’m really particular about how I want and need things done. Part of it’s just my “type A” workaholic personality, but part of it is really serious, like if someone does the wrong thing they could cause me to have an asthma attack easily. So it’s hard for me to hand that responsibility over to others, in more ways than one.

    We’ve found ways to try to get around certain things. I like to do as much as I can, and my husband and kids will help me with parts of things that I can’t do. Like they do the more strenuous parts and I still do *some* of whatever the chore is. My kids are excellent little helpers. With them being homeschooled they are here a lot, and I’ve instilled in them that we are a team. And we all help each other in the areas we need help with. I tell them that’s what families do. 🙂

    It’s obvious that you contribute where you can. And it’s obvious that your family is very busy meeting other obligations. So I don’t think you should feel guilty or lazy for any of the help you receive. What matters most is that the things that need done, get done, not how they get done.

    • Deb, It’s great that the kids and the Hubby help you out as much as they can, and what a Godsend that your parents can help out too! It’s a question of what is most important….a clean kitchen floor or energy to spend time with your family in the evening? Some days I am still in my jammies when everyone gets home because I had a bad day and everyone will eat salads or something quick and easy. When we need help….we need to ask for it. Simple as that.

  4. Mo, I think it’s FANTASTIC that you have a cleaning and shopping service!

    It’s not lazy, it’s CONVENIENT!

    You need to do what’s important for you and your health and not worry what others think. Even if you didn’t need the help, it’s no one’s business what you do.

    • Pamela, You are right, it’s nobody’s business but some people like to give their opinions sometimes. Before this damn illness I did everything, you know what I mean “Super Woman” syndrome! My kids were young teens when I got hit with this, so I was good when they were young and really needed me. I am SO NOT LAZY!!! Just so tired and weak all the time.

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  6. Mo, You are my hero and my inspiration! A cleaning woman is great. She’s grateful for the work and anything that can make this difficult thing called life better is wonderful.

    Why is it that we (read “I”, but I don’t want to admit it in public) think “we” are spoiled if “we” have help? That’s a genuine question, not rhetorical!

    Sometimes I think I have a martyr complex which is the ultimate in being ego-driven.

    Thanks for the reminder, Mo
    P.S. I’m reposting that hilarious video with a link back to you.

    • Dear Judy-Judith, I’m glad I am your hero. because you are mine. I was raised Irish Catholic so let’s not talk about the “Martyr Complex”! It’s in my blood, can’t help it. Thanks for reposting that video. I can’t post videos to this blog for some reason, and I’m too dumb to figure out why!

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