I’m down in the dumps, I’m blue, I’m in a funk. 

I’m lonely, I’m sad, I’m despondent.

I’m gloomy, I’m glum, I’m forlorned.

Now what?


8 thoughts on “Yuck

  1. I too struggle with these same feelings almost daily, and I hate it! I don’t know if it’s my illness, depression or the fact that maybe all of the combined problems have just changed me..I hope you are feeling better, have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi Mo–sorry you’re having a bad time lately. On a cheery note–you should maybe check out my blog post today–I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Congratulations! Please keep writing–you are providing lots of good information for other people who suffer from the same or similar auto-immune diseases. And most of us can certainly understand feeling ‘down in the dumps’. I struggle with that all the time, complicated, I think, by the fact that I have fibromyalgia.
    Stay strong in your mind. As long as you have that, you are still you.

    • Slyvia, Thanks for the award, I’m glad you enjoy my blog and happy that we found each other. I will get to my “award homework” soon, I promise!

  3. Maureen, I’m sorry you’re feeling down. February has always been such a blah month for me, but I’m trying really hard NOT to let it get me this year. So far, my mood has been pretty good, but my aches and pains are more than making up for it! Winter is hell for those of us with health stuff.

    Hang in there. Spring is right around the corner according to my Boxer, Kommit, who began shedding her winter coat a few weeks ago. She also “predicted” a mild winter too. And so far she was right! (although I am in Pennsylvania). But I’m sending positive vibes to everyone who NEEDS warmth and sunshine!

  4. 😦 I’m sorry you are down in the dumps. I’ve been struggling with that too recently some days. Maybe it’s the time of year or something. (Lack of Vit. D and sunshine perhaps, I dunno.) But I hope you are cheerful soon! 🙂

  5. oh honey, I never would have known by the encouraging comment you left on my blog.

    Now what…yes, that’s something I think often.

    Think about last night. How you got to see your Danny play. No you may not have been able to dance and shout as you would have liked, and you may be paying for it today…but the fact that you got to go. What an accomplishment!

    you go girl! think of the things you’ve over come, and the love you share with others.
    You are quite a woman!

    The dumps…they come..and they go….I hope this time doesn’t stay with you for long.

    love and hugs.

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