Fighting Fatigue

Yesterday I decided to go to the grocery store by myself.  Stupid idea.  Stupid stupid idea.  After about fifteen minutes I knew I was in trouble, so I finished what I could, had a kid help me put it in the car and drove home exhausted. 

The Joe-Man was home when I got there so he carried everything in and put it away.  I could have never done it myself. 

Why don’t I learn?  Why did I think I could shop on my own?  Today I am paying for it big time.

Fatigue and weakness is a problem for so many of us with chronic conditions.  Sleep and rest are the only thing we can do until we feel better.  For me, sometimes it takes a few day to pull myself out of the funk I have caused myself. 

And the there is the fatigue that you can’t explain.  Even when you don’t do anything to cause the spiral downwards…it will still show up with no warning.  Stress will throw me into a tailspin, so will the heat.  Because of my G.I. problems, a day spent in the bathroom knocks me out for days.  Unexpected stress, a bad bathroom bout or a night with no sleep can guarantee you a day on the couch or in bed.   

Trying to pace yourself, and listening to your body (and that little voice in your head) can do a lot in preventing a fatigue fallout.

I know I will walk hand-in-hand with fatigue for the rest of my life.  There’s nothing I can do about it.  Except…take a nap.


6 thoughts on “Fighting Fatigue

  1. I remember the days when I was clueless about chronic fatique, Addison’s disease and such…clueless and living a dream life. Then, after my diagnosis with Addison’s, I could see that life would not be the same, many days would be spent with my body feeling as if it wasn’t connected to my brain…but I also have learned to pace myself. This might mean that a good day will find me doing a weeks worth of work because I want to wring that good day for all it’s worth. I’ve learned that I’m probably going to pay for it the next day, so I might as well make it worthwhile! Get your rest and just be glad you didn’t end up on the floor at the grocery store!


  2. It’s so hard to make yourself tone it down even when, for a moment, you feel like you can take something on… I overdid it on Friday and I’m now into my third day of paying for it! With you in spirit mate!

  3. I understand the fatigue; it feels like walking through jello without a spoon to clear a path. I should listen to that small inner voice that says “take it easy;” otherwise I find myself in jello land.
    (((((hugs))))) and healing thoughts.

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