Are you Tired?

How many different kinds of “tired” are there? 

There is the tired you feel after a good day’s work and a filling dinner.  You settle into your bed, comfortable and content, close your eyes and drift off to sleep.

There is the tired you feel after physical work or exercise.  A long hot bath, some Tylenol or a glass of wine helps.  You go to bed a little sore but knowing you will feel better in the morning.  You sleep sound, feeling good about all you accomplished that day. 

There is the tired you feel after chasing your kids all day.  A full day of play followed by baths, bedtime snacks and good night kisses.  You fall in bed, exhausted but happy.

Then there is the tired you feel with chronic illness and chronic pain.  Exhaustion from burned out adrenals.  Drained by the complications of CFS or ME.  Weary from the back pain you had to endure all day. Worn out from the ringing in your ears that won’t allow you to rest. Fatigue from the migraine that won’t let up.  Weak from arthritis pain that prevented you from walking that day. 

We try everything.  Pills, potions, heating pads, massage, chiropractors, changes in diet, supplements and rest.  But not everything works for everybody.  Something that worked today, most likely won’t help you next week.   I would gladly attempt voodoo if I knew how to do that voodoo!!

So, next time someone asks you why you are tired all the time, or when your Doctor says he doesn’t know why you are so exhausted…just smile.  No one will ever understand.  


4 thoughts on “Are you Tired?

  1. Hey! I need to try voodoo! That’s definitely a path I haven’t tried … and I figure it stands about as good a chance of helping as anything else I’ve done. I wonder if my insurance covers voodoo treatments … 🙂

    I’m so sorry you have to be one of the people who understands this, Mo. But I appreciate the smile you gave me!

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