I am at my nerve’s end with all of this.  I had labs done and talked to my GP at the beginning of last week.    Negative for RA, sugar is OK,  potassium and sodium still good.  Nothing really to help explain the unrelenting fatigue and weakness…EXCEPT…my TSH is low at .096.   Now, I must admit I don’t know much about the thyroid, even though I have been on meds for quite a while.  Everything has always been fine, take my cute little green pill and worry only about my cortisol levels.  (GP did tell me that normal range is 0.5 – 5.0, so my numbers do sound low.???)  BUT if I am indeed hyperthyroid, I am showing none of the classic symptoms.  I have lost my appetite and some weight, which has made me happy, but not if it is caused by over active thyroid. 

And even though my labs showed no infections, bladder or UTI etc, I am running a low-grade fever on and off.  Usually about 99.3 – 99.5. 

So, my GP sent a FAX to my endo and I expect to hear from her (hopefully) by Monday.   

My sleep has been totally screwed up, trouble falling asleep at night, and trouble staying asleep at night.  That’s a given with chronic illness I know, I see quite a few of my buddies on-line in the middle of the night.

Let’s hope Dr. Endo-Girl comes up with something……………sigh.


4 thoughts on “TSH?

  1. I think you need more tests, like the Free T4 and Free T3. To see where the hormones really are…not just the TSH. With your pituitary issues it could be a problem there. That could cause hypothyroid symptoms, such as the poor sleep, fatigue. But the low grade fever could be hyperthyroid as could the poor sleep…do you feel jittery? The loss of appetite can be hyper and you have lost some weight.

    Hope the endo gets to the root cause and you soon feel better.


    P.S. Mo, you should see the typos I am making! Remember?

    • Jo, My GP didn’t really want to get into all the thyroid numbers with me, maybe he didn’t want to go into the Endo’s territory. I do have a feeling all of this is going to come down to the pituitary problem. The doc said that most people aren’t so fatigued when they are hyperthyroid but I don’t know if I agree wth that. I know animals aren’t the same as people, but I had a cat that was hyperthyroid, and that poor thing was exhausted all the time. Sometimes he was so bad he couldn’t make it up the stairs. He would meow so I would put him up on the bed, and he got so skinny too. So, this weight loss that I have been so happy about….might not be from dieting! I’m not sure what to expect out of this, but I have never been this bad for so long. I’m not jittery at all, but that fever is a weird. No fever yesterday or today so far. I’m hoping to hear from her today.

      And yes, I remember about your typos….are you feeling bad today my little JO? I hope not!


  2. Sorry you’re having such a rough go! Laurie F. would know, but there might be special tests for thyroid function, or a different med you could take. A slow thyroid will make you tired.
    Do you have any sinus issues? When I have a low grade fever, it usually means I have another sinus infection (even if there isn’t glop in my nose). I think running a fever would tire you out. And, if you’re waking up a lot (like me), then you wouldn’t get into deep sleep mode. That takes it’s toll on energy levels.
    I hope Dr. Endo has some answers for you!

    • Phylor, I am hoping that the endo can figure all this out. I don’t know how you can go from hypo to hyper…I need her to explain a lot to me. Laurie has Hasimoto just like my sister, but Sis is on vacation somewhere in Florida. I haven’t told her what is going on, I don’t want to spoil her fun. The doc did labs to check for any kind of infection including a urine test, but nothing showed. That’s what is so confusing about the fever. Steroids can mask an infection by keping any inflammation down, so often that how Addisonians get into trouble. Hopefully Dr Endo-Girl will call today. Thanks for worrying about me.

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