Stupid Body


Dear Body,

You piss me off daily, you won’t allow me to participate in life.

You love to see me exhausted, weak and crying in my pillow.

Handful of pills and potions don’t affect you at all.

All the money that’s spent where do you think it comes from?

Doctors, and the E.R., tests and blood work, and  hospital stays.

Nurses and lab techs remembering me and my name.

I have to lay on the couch all day sometimes, I need to stay in bed way too often.

My back hurts, my muscles ache, my hands throb.

I get nauseas, I get diarrhea, I get horrific stomach cramps.

I can’t eat this, I can’t eat that, then you change your preferences.

You used to like this, you used to like that…what happened?

Back to cream of wheat, applesauce and bananas I guess.

Dizziness, foggy brain, falling, I can’t even think sometimes

Can’t drive, I’m too afraid and can’t go to the store alone.

I can’t go anywhere alone, so I stay home.

I don’t see my friends, my phone doesn’t ring anymore.

I’m so tired.  But it’s so much more than tired.

Sometimes I wake up and think I am fine…but you creep up on me when I’m not looking and pull the rug from under my feet.

You love to see me suffer…and you laugh.

And you don’t care.  You S.O.B.


One thought on “Stupid Body

  1. Sorry your body has been so nasty to you lately! I don’t blame you for being p****d at it!
    Wish there was something I could do — back to wishing for magic wands to wave and pixie dust to sprinkle to make things better.
    Hang in there; if your body doesn’t care, your cyberverse friends certainly do!

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