Had a visit with my endocrinologist last week and walked out with a big question mark above my head.  This woman is the only doctor I’ve seen that knows anything about adrenal insufficiency, and she’s always answered all my questions and explains things perfectly.  After ten years, she is frustrated because she just can’t figure out what happened to cause my pituitary to fail.  I did use steroid nasal spray before diagnosis, but she feels that my adrenals would have started to function after about eighteen months off the spray…they haven’t.  I don’t remember exactly how long I used the nasal spray, a few months maybe, but that is the only steroid I ever was exposed to. 

She increased my synthroid a bit and I’m hoping that might help with my fatigue.  My DHEA level was good, and I just increased my dose from 12.5 mg per day to 25 mg daily.  My levels were low at the last appointment.  So that’s all good now.

Why doesn’t someone come up with a medication to jump-start your pituitary for us secondaries?

Oh, and listen to this one.  I went to a new therapist who really thinks that if I eat more protein with my breakfast I won’t get so tired during the day!  I wanted to smack her right in the kisser….but I didn’t.


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