My Mother passed away three years ago today.  A repost of an oldie in memory of her.  

A year ago today I lost my oldest and dearest Friend.  My Friend was always there for me…57 years and 31 days…always within reach and available.

While growing up, my Friend was my greatest cheerleader.

My Friend taught me about life, love, acceptance, empathy, loyalty and persistence.

My Friend and I could talk about anything, and my Friend always gave the best advice…most of the time.

My Friend taught me to love reading, how to understand baseball, how to make my own clothes, how to sooth a two-year old with a fever, how to frost a cake, and how to make deviled eggs.

I miss my Friend more than I could have ever imagined.  I still go to pick up the phone to share some exciting news or gossip with my Friend, and then I remember that my Friend… gone

My oldest and dearest Friend was my Mother.  She took a piece of my heart when she left, but left so much here for me to cherish and remember.

She was there when I entered this world.

I was there when she left this world.

This is the way life goes.  I wish life was easier.

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